Gabriel D. Roberts appeared on Breaking The Set with Abby Martin to discuss The Quest For Gnosis.  The interview begins at minute 6:30.  Visit the BOOKSTORE to get your own copy of The Quest For Gnosis.

Jean Gebser's book, The Ever Present Origin deftly describes the epochs of growth in human consciousness. Robert Anton Wilson's, Prometheus Rising does the same, but with the individual. Gabriel describes the parallels between the two, demonstrating that the Hermetic adage, "As above, so below" applies to man as the microcosm, to mankind as the macrocosm.

The Quest For Gnosis with be available through all major book outlets on March 20th. Find out more at GABRIELDROBERTS.COM
Sign up for a Sacred Geometry class and tell them Gabriel D. Roberts sent you.

Sign up for a Sacred Geometry class and tell them Gabriel D. Roberts sent you.

Gabriel Interviews Dr. Rick Strassman for VICE MAGAZINE.

Gabriel Interviews Dr. Rick Strassman for VICE MAGAZINE.

Gabriel D. Roberts & Dr. Aaron Cheak discuss the new book, Alchemical Traditions. 

This is the story of Giordano Bruno, Catholic monk turned scientific philosopher, Hermetic mystic, magician and martyr for religious freedom and reason.

This is a brief reading from the book, The Apophenion by Peter J. Carroll. His description of Neo-Pantheism is the most concise and accurate form I have yet to find. His work and influence is of great value to myself, to such a level as to merit a reading from one of his works.

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Krystle Cole and I discuss Born Again To Rebirth

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I Got Robbed, I Heard The Logos: I Guess We'll Call It Even

I Got Robbed, I Heard The Logos: I Guess We'll Call It Even

In my video LET IT BE THE END I suggested that we take action upon the things that we want to change. I said we could use this designated time and space to change habits and encumbrances that sit in the way of our spiritual and cultural improvement; to take responsibility for our own transformation and not relegate it to a God or Government.

Ironically, I was predicting my own lesson, my own future. And rightly so, for it would be the height of hypocrisy to make a name for myself barking on about personal transformation and feeling the big squeeze of rebirth without actually having to feel the deep pains of the process.  CONTINUE


If you are like me, you might believe that science, spirituality and psychedelics can and do work together in harmony to promote a balanced life that is both fulfilling, freeing and adventurous.

You probably also have difficulty from time to time finding common ground with folks who you know need to have their own breakthrough just as you did.

It is a noble goal to allow others to find their own path while putting out information that is potentially transformative, but we know in the end you can only lead a horse to water.

Roadblocks abound; society has conditioned us to label each other in tidy groups, cloistering us within artificial walls, but as Keirkergaard said, "Once you label me, you negate me". By negation, our society has remained comfortably numb, hidden from the trouble that surrounds us. It is true that we all see the world a bit differently; we naturally make these lines of distinction. Like Aldous Huxley said: "From family to nation, every human group is a society of island universes.", but our island mindsets are detrimental to the entire island chain of humanity; our own modern Atlantis is facing annihilation.


I've just woken up from the strangest dream. I was an actor in a comedy sketch show where I was a salesman in a furniture liquidation warehouse of some kind; the sort of place where everything was ridiculously cheap and the sales staff were extremely dubious. The actress across from me who played the part of the 'mark', the sucker that I made the sale to was very convincingly playing out her part, asking about the quality of the product. We were both actors, but she, even though she knew my rushed and hoarse voice was forced for dramatic effect was actually buying the $1,200 coffee table. I don't have any reason to think why we would have actually gone through this much effort to put me in a cheap suit with my hair slicked back and my refined salesman's rasp barking off how I would never think to allow this dear woman to pay even 75% off, no, no, for her I would cut her an astounding deal of 80% off. In this dream everything was in charichature, like a bad Hunter S. Thompson trip sequence left on the cutting room floor; too searing for public consumption, too much of a bite into the Western consumptive psyche to be deemed worthy of airing.

I’ve had much apprehension about the Occupy movement, because I didn’t know what to think about it. Was it a bunch of bums looking for a free ride? Was it anarchists causing mayhem? Honestly, when it began, I didn’t know. I’ve heard people complain that the movement is too fragmented and that’s why it has slowed over time. Isn’t it ironic that the group that represents the 99% is fragmented? Are we not fragmented? Unless you take to trips to aspen on your private jet, you need to know something;

When you look at the occupy movement, you are looking in the mirror. You see people who don’t know what they want, you're looking at yourself, you look at them and see their desperate need to change the way things are being fucked up and you can see that in yourself.

But maybe you’re not desperate enough yet. I saw plenty of people today who were in no rush. Wall Street at noon was like a lackluster parade of midwestern tourists in a sugar coma sitting atop tour busses, snapping pictures at the swarm of sedate police and doe eyed, bedraggled cheerleaders of change.

For some readers, the word consciousness conjures up visions of bearded Hindu masters, to those from a traditional Christian view, consciousness is associated with the devil's white light intended to fool the eager initiate into allowing a demonic possession. But what is consciousness, really? The standard definition is simply awareness. Doctors judge levels of consciousness while prepping a person for surgery, because the level of awareness of the patient is integral to judging when a surgery can get started. It is simply a term for the level of an individual's ability to accurately perceive the environment in which they exist.

In this world we live in, we see varying levels of what we traditionally call good and evil. We have ways to measure them with our religious notions, but if we see the world through a materialists eyes, what is good or evil? Some may say that good and evil are behaviors that are infringements on the survival of the group, or plane in which the participant is a part of; practically saying evil is an acting out of animalistic nature that hurts the herd and nothing more. This does not work in all cases though, for there are things people do to themselves that are harmful and therefore seen as bad. The religious crowd sees morality as having come from god; a set of guidelines fraught with consequence and reward if obeyed or rejected, but why are certain things deemed sin? There are things that only seem to hurt us, so how can those things fit with the materialist view? Conversely, why would god care if we stole a cookie from the cookie jar?