Gabriel's new book, THE QUEST FOR GNOSIS is available NOW for paperback and Kindle editions.

Gabriel D. Roberts appeared on Breaking The Set with Abby Martin to discuss The Quest For Gnosis.  The interview begins at minute 7.

This is a promotional video for my 4th book and first novel, The Hermit, due in early 2015.

Gabriel D. Roberts is a writer to watch and in Born Again to Rebirth he shows us why. This is a terrific book at many levels. Roberts uses language beautifully with no wasted words. I raced through Born Again to Rebirth in a sitting and I predict you’ll do the same.
— Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural.
Gabriel D. Roberts is an important voice in the ongoing dialogue between gnosis and orthodoxy
— Matt Staggs - and The Joe Rogan Experience
Born Again to Rebirth is a book that every spiritual seeker should read, especially those questioning their fundamentalist Christian faith.
— Krystle Cole -

BORN AGAIN TO REBIRTH is the second book by Gabriel D. Roberts and is a chronicle of his philosophical progression out of Christian Fundamentalism.  The story is a blow by blow dissection of his thoughts, victories, failures and reasonings, filled with wit, comedy and stark realizations that will compel you to grow, no matter where you stand spiritually.  Gabriel has been asking the big questions since he was old enough to pick up a Bible.  This book is for those who are at a personal crossroads and need a little encouragement, care and understanding.  The story of Gabriel's spiritual journey is a mirroring of the story of countless souls who have crossed the great precipice of the Christian faith into an unknown and frightening world.  

BORN AGAIN TO REBIRTH  is available now at the top of this page.

Riding The Fine Line is a collection of essays by Gabriel D. Roberts in which he discusses many esoteric, spiritual, social and philosophical concerns. His unique approach gives a much needed fresh perspective on many of the most hotly debated subjects of our time.