The Quest For Gnosis

The Quest For Gnosis is Gabriel D. Roberts' 3rd book, due for release in March 20th, 2014.  It will feature conversations with many luminaries of our time including: Graham Hancock, Dr. Rick Strassman, Dr. Lew Graham, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Randall Carlson, Matt Staggs, Hamilton Morris, Maja D'Aoust, Odd Edges, Krystle Cole, Thad McKraken, Peter J. Carroll and more.  

About The Quest For Gnosis:

Those who have read my other works know that I came from fundamentalist Christian background; a mindset that clearly set boundaries of what I should and should not believe. This book may touch on some of those ideas in conversation, but will not be the primary focus here, instead the focus is upon equipping you with a new sense of wonder and understanding of just how big this omniverse is and just how amazing a part of it you can be. Though you will find the definition to vary within the pages of this book, the term Gnosis in its most basic form simply means knowledge. Going more deeply Gnosis means intrinsic knowledge of a mystical nature; something that is personal and experiential. It is my opinion that the best way to understand something is to take a hands on approach to its investigation, not taking other people’s word for it. For too long we have taken things on faith without testing for ourselves whether a truth, or idea really works; we’ve often paid the price of a fool when it turned out that what was presented to us was not the thing advertised.

When I think about the legacy that many of the great spiritual leaders, martyrs, shamans, philosophers and mystics have left us, I feel a sense of awe and inspiration. Sadly, the state of our world leaves much to be desired by virtually every measure of quality. For many, the grip of materialism has driven them to excesses that would make the ancient Roman emperors blush, for others, the grip of fundamentalist doctrine freezes them in a barbaric tumult no different from the crusades of the dark ages. The mechanistic materialistic scientific worldview has led many to an existentialist crisis while others scoff at anyone who believes anything other than what the latest study shows is the truth. Meanwhile our governments run amok, spending money they don’t have to fight wars nobody wants to extract resources fewer and fewer of us can afford. In many ways we could be falling into a new dark age in which sociopathic technocrats coax this lost throng of humanity into a 24/7 control system in which privacy, decency, humanity and a bright future are all at their disposal. As the last polar icecaps melt in the Northern seas, contracts are being negotiated and signed so that we can pull more fossil fuel from the last virgin territory available on earth. Despite all warnings, the rain forests of this planet are still shrinking at an alarming rate and with them, the population of indigenous cultures and rare animals. Now decades deep and running, the middle east continues to be a hotbed of strife and suffering with war plans being carried out in public and in secret with new expansions into Africa on the horizon. Meanwhile Fukushima’s rogue Nuclear reactor is filling the Pacific Ocean with 300,000 gallons of contaminated water per hour. It truly seems that the Kali Yuga is living up to its name and reputation. Many harbingers of our doom fill our minds daily with the latest body count, governmental fuckery and tales of our heroes selling us out. Is this the legacy we will leave the earth? Is this the best we as individuals can do? Are we simply to remain voiceless under the reign of our worst sci-fi futures come to life? If I thought this was the case, this book would certainly look very different than it does now. I can’t claim to have an answer to the Chimera of deadly problems we face, but I can offer up to you the thoughts and ideas that are helping me to transform myself and those around me. At the very worst, it is better to fight nobly in a battle you may lose than to just let the wave of arrows nail you to the ground. No, while we still have breath to speak, hands to write, hold and heal, we shall continue to blaze a trail through the wasteland, to climb to that high hill and shine a beacon of hope for those desperately lost in the valley floor.

Poetic speech is nice, but it does little to stem the tide of real evil at work in this world. This is why I offer this book to you; it is a primer for the conscientious mystic, a new Gnostic tome that honors the old gods, but makes way for a new balance of techno-mystic reason. This is for the practical magician in the making, the pioneer of the golden age that we can still bring to fruition. We are the Shamans of the wasteland, the war zone, the ghetto; wherever our tribe has us, we are the focal points that heal the minds and hearts of the wounded all around us. Every single person who I’ve spoken with for this book is good people. We may not agree with each other on everything, but in each of them I see a thread of color found nowhere else. Theirs is the thread that must be intertwined into the tapestry of our newfound Gnosis; they are the fibers of our unbreakable chord. And in this work, we can find a common ground, a fragile yet beautiful unity, a powerful psychonautical compound created to confound and shock the hellish system we find ourselves a part of. The illumination we carry together has the potential to keep the flickering hope of a golden age alive. Love and Peace, Gabriel D. Roberts