Gabriel D. Roberts has an impressive and admirable curiosity about the brain, the mind, and spirituality. His research and interviews grapple with the complexities of psychedelics and human consciousness.
— Hamilton Morris - VICE

"Gabriel D. Roberts is a writer to watch and in Born Again to Rebirth he shows us why. This is a terrific book at many levels. Part searing indictment of the born-again Christian establishment by a former insider, part revelation of a personal journey into and out of hell, part surgical exposé of the hidden roots of the hatred, fear and suspicion that divide our world, part return to the source in the understanding that unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and a willingness to seek the truth without compromise are the only real signposts on our path to self-redemption. As an added bonus it’s a good read! Roberts uses language beautifully with no wasted words. I raced through Born Again to Rebirth in a sitting and I predict you’ll do the same." - Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural.

"Gabriel Roberts writes like a tour guide for the universe.  His logic sound and his words animate.  He presents his points with ease and confidence.  Riding The Fine Line doesn't read like a collection of reads more like dialogue in a great conversation.  The kind of discussion you'd have over a fine bottle of bourbon.  Every time he challenges one of your pre-established views (which he will do, and often), he does it with care and consideration. Like a lantern in the fog he escorts you to clarity, like a head rush he will spark your synapses." - V. Oleson

"I found Gabriel Robert's prolific writing style and revelatory insight a much welcome and needed voice in these uncertain times we live in.  Not only does he fearlessly peel back the proverbial layers of the onion in regard to the tough questions of human existence, it is by his own curiosity with humor and compassion that he allows us to take a deep breath and pause and be present in the startling realization that we are all very much connected to our fellow man and we that we are indeed "our brothers keeper".  For those individuals who are willing to challenge their own belief systems and understanding of spirituality, human existence , and the all encompassing question "How did we get here"? this will be a journey into the the human condition that will not be soon forgotten." - B. Brumbaugh

"This (Born Again To Rebirth) is the best memoir I've read in a long time. The author tells his story of leaving Evangelical Christianity for the unknown world beyond. It's an important narrative for anyone who has ever relinquished their sense of comfort or identity in the pursuit of something more true, more real. It is funny and scary and earnest and, ultimately, really hopeful. His scholarly and theological discussions are fascinating and informative, while super accessible (his modern metaphors are awesome). He takes nothing for granted. His book models the brave transformation of a person who accepts flawed, inherited beliefs into someone who discovers strong ones, forms them, the hard way. He writes; "New life is possible and is yours to take if you are willing to do the hard work of rebuilding yourself." This sentiment- and the story as a whole- is imperative to anyone who is doing the hard work of living the best way they can. Also, he's a great storyteller." - Rita K.

"Gabriel D. Roberts presents a strong series of thoughtful, well-developed essays. Riding the Fine Line, is an illustrious example of fine writing from a new author with, what hopes to be, a prolific writing career ahead of him. His distinctive style and lucid first person narratives establish an immediate rapport between the reader and the inner dialogue of a man of tremendous insight." - K.M.B.