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Non-Locality 2: First Time Remote Viewers Showing Astounding Results

The Essays

Non-Locality 2: First Time Remote Viewers Showing Astounding Results

Gabriel D. Roberts

In my first post about Non-locality I addressed the strong evidence that is available from the scientific community. I referenced the books,Limitless Mind and Brain Wars as great resources for any person interested in understanding the validity of a tangible sensory ability that we all have. Of course with anything that is beyond our seeming standard senses comes the critical retort of people who will not actually go through the effort of reading these amazing books (of which there are many more) and seeing the scientific study that has gone into the PSI phenomena. For these people we have the luxury of showing them pretty pictures in order to perhaps kickstart their interest in a sense that they already possess and are rarely using. I've been lucky enough to have a few willing participants come over to my home and give remote viewing for the first time.

Remote Viewing is still considered fringy by many in the mainstream scientific community although this has not prevented the military from using it for spying purposes. Those who limit their thought to a purely materialist explanation of the universe are the primary holders of this skepticism. However there are many well respected scientists that have done the hard work of showing through scientific method that indeed an additional sense does exist in the human mind. Aside from the authors already listed, one of the most accalimed scientists who speaks of our PSI abilities is Rupert Sheldrake. He is a pioneer in the study of Morphogenetic Fields and has written many books on the matter.

By definition Remote Viewing is viewing something that is unseen by your own two eyes. By the experiments we did in my living room, I will show you how it works and what this really means for us as humans.

Before showing these cases, I will describe what happened and how I instructed the viewer, so that you may understand that this is not a religious or spiritual matter, but a simple act of seeing something.

In every case, an object or image that the viewer has never seen before will be concealed. The viewer will be asked to close their eyes and relax, focusing on nothing but the backs of their eyelids. Once relaxed, the viewer is asked to imagine the object or image and describe impressions, words, shapes, patterns and colors.

The viewer is not in charge of deciding what the thing is, but simply reporting what is seen. The interviewer (myself) simply asks a series of questions about what they see, asking again what impressions, words, shapes, patterns and colors the viewer sees. These are written down as the viewer describes what they observe. After session 1 is complete, the viewer is asked to draw pictures of the shapes and images they have seen. Often times, an ameteur viewer will attempt to describe the image as a whole or will alternateley associate the image with something they already know of as a point of reference. We will see and describe this as we go along. Ok, so remember that these first two examples are first time remote viewers sitting in a comfortable setting at my own home. Personally I was astonished by what they described and illustrated.

Case 1: Matt, first time remote viewer.

In Matt's case, I placed this small pyramid keychain inside a small brown box.  Matt had never sen the object that I placed inside.  I asked him to calm himself and close his eyes.  I told him to begin describing what he saw on the backs of his eyelids whenever he felt ready to do so.

To my astonishment, the first thing he described was a three-dimensional diamond shape.  In one of the drawings, he showed clearly what he was seeing.  He kept speaking  about two circles that were connected and drew the drawing of two holes being connected through some kind of tunnel.  In the image of the pyramid, you can see the keychain hole connecting the two holes through the geometric shape.  He commented often on the contrast of light and dark repeating itself over and over with two bright circles.  You will note that though Matt cannot draw a perfect circle to save his life, he did indeed accurately describe the two gold circles still intact, the ones that were not destroyed to make a hole for the keychain ring.  Finally, he described and drew a whale tail style shape that he saw.  This can be seen in the small cloud circled on the pyramid.

On a more esoteric note, he also described that this object made him feel both and anxiety and calm.  He also reported the sense of radio waves flying out.  This particular object is something I am fond of and for some reason makes me personally feel better when I hold it, thus taking me from anxiety to calm.  I found this personally moving.

Imagine never seeing this object and making such clearly distinctive descriptions of it without ever having any point of reference.  This SHOULD be impossible and yet Matt was capable of clearly describing this pyramid.

Case 2: Vincent, first time remote viewer.

With Vincent, I placed a card with an odd Klimt image inside of an envelope.  He had never seen this image, or even the deck of cards I had used.  For all he knew the envelope could have had any image possible.

Vincent was very skeptical of his ability and frequently spoke about how he felt he was just taking a stab in the dark.  But following my instructions, I believe he brought forth some astounding results.

The first impression he gave was that of a woman who was holding something.  In the image, the woman is holding and presenting two other women.  He also described seeing a rabbit.  It is amusing to me that when you look at the eyes of the creature in the image, it looks like two rabbits almost kissing.  It is also apparent that the creature is furry like a rabbit, thus reinforcing the impression of a rabbit.  In direct relation to this, Vincent also drew the exact shape between the eyes of the creature.

When I asked him if he saw any color, he said that he kept seeing a burnt sienna color, which can be found all over the card, but most prominently on the right of the card.

Vince then described what looked to him like blood dripping down.  When one sees a shape as he drew, one would understand why it would seem to be blood, but when excluded from Vincent's point of reference we see an astonishing likeness to the breast of the woman in the center of the image.

Between these two first time viewings, I was astonished at their accuracy and impressed by their ability to pull these images out of thin air.  This should be impossible, but here we see them describing these things plain as day.

These experiments were done in real time.  This demonstrates the non-local principle that there is no such thing as "space" as in the space-time realm, in regard to our ability to remote view.

But there are two aspects to space-time.  We've established with these first timers that they can accurately describe never before seen images, thus eliminating the "space" aspect, but if this viewing is real and comes from a part of our mind that is beyond "space-time", we should the be able to not be constrained by time as well.  Enter my second attempt at remote viewing ever, this time with a focus on describing an image that will be in a particular space and time in the FUTURE.

Case 3: Remote viewing a future event with second time viewer, Gabriel D. Roberts.

In this experiment, I was unable to accomplish everything that needed to happen without an assistant.  My son, Gideon acted as a go-between from me to the third party person participating.  This was necessary to ensure that I had no influence over the results of the remote viewing.

Before we began, Instructed Gideon to tell my wife Elizabeth to pick from any book in our library and turn it to page 50 and place it on a stool in our kitchen.  I told him that he would not be allowed to touch the book or tell Elizabeth which book to choose, only that it should be page 50 of a book that contained images.  I told him that we were doing this to not only show that remote viewing eliminated space, but time as well.  I stayed in the bedroom until the result was ready to be revealed.

I began by having my son, Gideon interview me about what images and colors I saw.  He wrote down what I said and I drew the images seen on the paper.

The first thing I saw over and over was dark archways, or as I called them, flying buttresses.  I saw them in long rows one after the next. in a repeating pattern.

The next thing I saw was the shape of the bow of a boat as drawn on the pad to the right.  I then saw the image of a snake or dragon in the shape drawn on the left hand side of the pad.  Next I drew the shape of a shaded bowl.  I kept getting the impression that the shade aspect was very important.   I also kept getting the impression of a figure 8.  The 8's can be seen if you look closely at the scars themselves, that they split in two, making a figure 8 pattern that repeats all over the image in the scars.

Once the reading was over, I sent Gideon to instruct Elizabeth to pick a book of her choosing and turn it to page 50 and set it on the kitchen stool.  Once this was complete, I emerged from the bedroom with the remote viewing descriptions you see on the pad image on the right.  We were all very surprised to see that I had accurately described an image that had not yet come to be in the place that I had described.  In essence, this experiment had proven that neither space nor time got in the way of my mind viewing the image that had yet to be placed on the stool.  I had effectively described a future event.

It is important to note that none of us described the images or objects as a whole, but the small details that made them up.  I can't help, but think of 1 Corinthians 13:12 (NIV):

Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

Did we describe images and objects beyond our physical sight in a way that is supposed to be impossible by materialist views of the universe?  YES, we did!  Did we describe a future event? YES!  Did we describe the objects as a whole? No, we did not.  But there can be little doubt that,even as we amateurs have shown, there is something beyond our regular sight.

What is the practical application for this experience?  I believe that the biggest lesson lies in the demonstrated proof that we are interconnected with everything in the universe.  It is easily understood now that we are not islands unto ourselves.  What we do, what we say, how we treat others and the world that we live in matters very much.

My friends, our minds are much more capable and powerful than we can know.  We all have the ability to see beyond our own physical eyes and perceive things that are beyond the sensible materialist version of the world that we are trained to adhere to.  My friends, non-locality is a scientific fact.  We've demonstrated through a rag-tag experiment that even a room full of inexperienced fools can see beyond ourselves and grab onto details impossible to our traditional senses.

 I believe that a stronger understanding of our abilities and our embrace of them is a key to us bridging the gap between our aloof view of the world and the traditional "woo-woo" views of shamans and tribal societies.  We have the ability to look and see and taste something truly profound.  If anything, I believe that a universal palpable realization of our interconnectedness could change the world.

It is my challenge to you to set aside your materialist prejudices and religious dogmas in a pursuit of the truth wherever it may be found; even if it is found in the limitless wellspring of your own mind.